The forbidden (((subject)))

Guys, if one thing you must NEVER talk about, it is about whatever Jews may be doing. Because it doesn’t matter: they are always right!

You can criticize as much as you want Islam, but never say anything about Jews. You will get banned everywhere, and maybe thrown to jail, especially if your dog is a Nazi. They were enough persecuted lately to justify their reactions. They have the right to do whatever they want. This is only a fair return for the 6 millions. Even thou they had a big role in the creation and the horrors of the Soviet Union. That is really bad to mention it, really bad. Because they also do great things, such as a great country as Israël. They are also smarter, as J. Peterson points it out:

And remember, Islamisation of Europe is good:

Multiculturalism is good for Europe to learn the lesson from the second world war:

And anti-semitism is bad. Because of Muslims, the first victims are Jews:

So, never say anything against them. NEVER. Defend them to the cost of your life. Give them everything you have, including your organs if possible, because they need it and they deserve it. 

Know who you have to protect and who you should worship. If you don’t know that, then you are anti-Semitic.

Africanisation and #antiRacist

The problem with #antiRacist is not exactly their lack of education, nor their apparent disgusting obesity. Nope.

It is their hypocrisy. Can you imagine that society has reached a point where invaders simply need to raise panels where is written “no to racism” to justify the immigration of MILLIONS of their own kind. The reasoning is the following :

If you don’t want other people like me, you are racist. And racism is illegal. So, if you are against immigration and your replacement, we have the tool to take your money, your family and your freedom.

I mean, isn’t willing to replace and extinguish an entire ethnicity even one step further than racism? Because they don’t even stop there. In fact, they also want to remove ALL European history. Don’t believe me?

This is not counting the fact that slowly these immigrants attribute themselves our discoveries, just like for instance many mathematical concepts invented by white Egyptians or white Greeks, such as 0. Of course Greeks had good knowledge of equations and numbers. They even invented the first computer: antikythera mechanism. Lately, they claimed that Muslims invented the plane a long time ago, and we simply copied it (Abbas ibn Firnas). How ridiculous!

In fact, according to Muslims, Africans or Jews, they brought everything to Europe (and unfortunately lost everything – lol). These people infiltrated our academics and research institutions to compose fake studies, in order to get credits, break standards, open a way to power and push their agenda (e.g. Freud, Marx, critical culture, Authoritarian Personality studies, Shariah courts, etc.). Divide and conquer in a nutshell.

They use their community to give a preference to their own, disqualifying Europeans while blaming them for racism and antisemitism. As Alinsky said “blame the other for what you do”.

They surround themselves from a few whites who accept the total supremacy of Muslims, Africans or Jews in order to keep the illusion of diversity (also called Multiculturalism and social justice). But this diversity is fake. SJWs are just useful idiots meant to die for the sake of globalism. They are those who opened the gates from Troyes to see their throat sliced.

They fire every single person who is against this supremacy and the big replacement ongoing in all western countries. That is how Lauren Southern was stopped from entering the UK. That is how they stop all “right wing extremists” in Europe. In Belgium, for instance, they made a campaign against racism where they state “all racists steal our jobs” (understand white men steal our job, since non whites and women are never racists), “we do not rent to racists”, etc. Yet the country has a law against “hate speech”. But hate against whites is Ok, obviously.

As a matter of fact, these elements are “tools” , as the EJC states it. Only excuses made to make white people surrender through censoring us. Blacks work for blacks. Latinos for Latinos. Muslims for Muslims. And Jews for Jews.

You might say “oh my gosh what an anti-semitic Nazi”, but I hope you worth better than this fallacious intellectual discourse. Here, we hate no-one. We simply states facts as they are. The in-group preference is a natural tool to protect communities. Why do you think your white blood cells kill viruses and bacterias? Why ants have “soldier ants”? At Patriargate, we want everyone to live in their own country according to their own rules, and if they migrate, we want full long term integration, with strong voting and citizenship regulations. This is the only guaranty for peace. Isn’t that normal?

We don’t promote violence, but it is also the only natural tool that you can use to protect your own kind. In the end, all these “minorities” are the ones attacking us with extreme violence, hatred and bigotry. We are the victims, and they are the aggressors. I never asked my city to become Muslim, nor bombed nor heavily taxed. I never asked to be discriminated in favor of blacks, arabs or women. I never asked to be fined for racism or anti-semitism. I never asked to be attacked by hordes of migrants. I never signed for it, neither no-one I know.

The white genocide is real and very well organised. Their main focus is:

  • Social exclusion based on racism, sexism, etc.
  • Financial exclusion based on firing you for your political views, and restricting your access to funding (e.g. Youtube and google monetization)
  • Free speech exclusion based on legal acts excluding it and companies and organizations fostering it (e.g. LiCRA, ADL, Youtube, Facebook, Google)
  • Sexual exclusion through interracial campaigns and feminism
  • Academic exclusion of any pro white and conservative thesis
  • Legal exclusion through the insertion of an overruling law: racism and discrimination
  • Working exclusion through diversity quotas
  • Physical violence (i.e. Antifa, muslims, etc.)

How are you supposed to buy a house, have a wife and build a family with all of that? That is why white demography is melting like an ice-cream under the sun.

The only solution is a collective answer. Individually, we can’t fight an entire society designed to exclude and stigmatise us. If you want, you can always contact us.

The Africanization of Europe: why SJWs will fail

In our last posts, we talked about the africanization of the west, and also how immigration leads to war. In this post, we want to go further and support our opinion with facts from mother nature. This post bases itself on the great work done by Howard Bloom, “The principle of Lucifer”. I know that few of you do not like negative facts, but we ought to go through them. I know that some of you know this, but it ought to be repeated. Every one shall know the truth, for it is our only savior. A sad truth is always better than a sweet lie. This post might be shocking for you – just warning.

Whatever we talk about evolution or creationism (god/religion), we reach the same conclusion that mother nature is not as loving, peaceful and beautiful as we think. Violence is everywhere and permanent. Violence is part of nature as a mechanism to destroy and build. One of those forces that push women to do shit and piss enough men to create war. One of those forces that makes war unavoidable when two communities are on the same territory. Don’t believe me?

  • In the 18th century, Jean-Jacques Rousseau – the SJW precursor – wrote about the “civilized savage”, stating that savages are better people because they aren’t corrupted by cilivisation. That was just before seeing these “good savages” going to other tribes, killing all men, smashing children’s head on stones and taking the women as new wife. Not that pretty for a savage isn’t it?
  • Chimpanzees were fed in the forest. After sometime, they stopped feeding them, and the group split naturally into two groups. Later, when resources were more and more rare, one group went to the other group to start a war. They killed all the males, smashed children’s heads on stones and took the women. Not that pretty for these peaceful animals, isn’t it?
  • Female gorilla sometimes go to other tribe to irritate them, or to invite some males to her tribe, even though she is with the alpha male. By doing so, she is looking for war between the clans. Gorillas then answer with war. If they lose, they are all killed, their children smashed on stones, and their women go with the other males.
  • After Troyes invasion, all men were killed, children thrown by the murals and 9 months later, children from the invaders were born. The Troyans women did not kill their newborn, nor save their previous descendance. They raised them and love their new male.
  • When the Muslims took Spain, they killed all the men (or enslaved and castrated), smashed all the babies (or enslaved), and made babies to all the women. Don’t believe me? Look at Spaniards and tell me there is not one drop of Moroccan blood in it. Yet, do women refuse to make children with them? No. Not that pretty from our patriotic european christian women, isn’t it?

So what is my point in all of that?

The liberation of our women has enabled them to execute the natural programme they are designed for: challenging western males through inviting millions of other males, and behaving like bitches with their own males. This sort of programme is of course known since Darwin (actually even his grand father worked on it), and it was perfectly predictable from a scientific perspective. So what’s the end goal?

The immigration of these hordes of new baboons to Europe will INEXORABLY lead to war, and only one will remain. Diversity is a lie created for war, and using useful idiots – aka the SJWs and the feminists. The Africanization of Europe is not a peaceful movement. Of course, today, we still have money and the power is in the hands of whites. But look at South Africa and Zimbabwe, and tell me again that the Africanization of a western culture is non violent process in which people can live together peacefully.

The truth is: whether you like or not, everyone in the world will have to make a stand. Either you are for European natives (in Europe, in the USA or elsewhere), either against. Either you believe their nations belong to them and only to them, either you are against them. Either you believe Chinese and Muslims have no rights to enslave Africa or you support them. Mother nature has not given any other alternative than violence to resolve conflicts, and our women are programmed to push for it until only one remains. Sad truth, but still truth. And today, let me remind you that crazy feminists, SJWs and Muslims can and own the votes. They vote for more migrants and more persecution of men (especially whites, even we can’t deny that black community has been largely affected).

Until then, take care of you. Do sport, secure your assets, get a wife and make children. And the most important, be happy and do what is right. In the end, the evil will not succeed, because that is also against the laws of mother nature.

Condemned for sexism… In Belgium… Goes viral: Why?

Not a long time ago, they condemned a belgian for sexism. He is sentenced for 3000euro fine with potentially 1 month of jail.

The reason? He made a remark to a woman officer on her gender. I won’t judge him for what he said nor what happens. Maybe she is right, but that’s not the point ; we ain’t saying here that men should insult women, we only praise mutual respects.

What is interesting is how all media are relaying this very little situation across the world. Seriously, why a 3000euro fine would become so famous? After all, insults to officers happen every day. Even officers killed happens everyday.

I let you think why precisely this “sexism” story (propaganda?) comes up and goes viral around the women’s day. I let you think if there wouldn’t be some kind of agenda behind saying something like:

Well they did a good job in Belgium. We should be proud of this progress. Let’s implement sexism laws everywhere, and most importantly let’s enforce them.

I already predict some western leaders proposing concrete measures. But that’s just me.

You know what is the funniest thing out of this? They claim that sexism in Belgium came out of the box after a video from Sophie Peeters showed harassment on the streets of brussels in a hidden camera. Yet, no-one seems to see that these harassment came ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY from non-Whites. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself:

Talking about sexism, this particular story didn’t go as viral, why?

So, equality for all, or some people more equal than others? It seems that sexism is not a battle against everyone, but just against white straight men. SJW, left agenda ?

Anyway, let’s ask also the question: is sexism just right?

Left indoctrination: It is even worse than you think

I just watched the latest video of Stefan Molyneux and I am glad he finally starts touching this subject.

Our readers are usually very critical, and we know that many of you already know or think about it. But we believe we ought to spread the word until everyone knows it. We talked about it already multiple times, but people still had doubts. They thought that it can’t be true, especially if one little blog talks about it.

Opinions of the mass are created not by reflection but by repetition. If lies are repeated often enough; it will create a new reality for people, who become unable to think critically. The system of believes of an individual is not as rational and solid we may think. Our brain is made to adapt, and this means that we can be influenced, even at a subconscious level.

Our school system is playing a big role in this, as also shows Steven Crowder in his show “change my mind” on universities campuses. But it is clearly not the only one. Because most of teenagers don’t listen to the teachers. Most of classes are boring (and useless). I see rather universities as validator in this process – as a sort of higher indoctrination for the ones who are supposed to lead the cultural marxist revolution.

In fact, the real threat is their cellphones.

They spend on it hours every day (hundreds if not thousands of hours per year). The content on Facebook is clearly bias and manipulative. And so are all the TV shows, films and commercials they watch. This is what could be referred as a psychological force multiplier, and it is where the true repetition kicks in.

It ought to be reminded that the left is against family unity, for fornication, for mass immigration, pro taxes, against guns, against straight sexuality, for sexual liberation (including for children), etc. This is what they mean by “left content”, and that is scary.

In fact, leftists live in an other universe and are completely out of touch with reality. And that is not a small thing. This is what is called “mass control”. Bezmenov told us about it, and it is true. To them, it is a solid argument to say that men are oppressing women. To them, it is a solid argument to say that Muslims are peaceful and persecuted by the bad Christians. Facts do not matter, especially to the feminine (read emotional) mind.

Now, why do you think they need to control us? What is their end goal?


We waited for a long time and it’s there. Voxday produced his first video for his Voxiversity project in which he describes how immigration and war are connected. As he says:


It sounds simple, but it is not, especially for leftists, SJWs, and most women. Actually, how do you think a leftist would react to this video?

This video is highly informative, with logic and plenty of historical facts. I encourage everyone to watch it:

In fact, this point was also discussed on this blog quite a few times. For us, it is clear that Western Europe and America are at WAR with third world immigrants. Of course, you may think we are crazy, but listen to Vox and judge for yourself. Sometimes it is indeed better to look at the likely outcome to understand the process.

Indeed, this war is not fought with guns, bombs and planes… Mass immigration is the weapon used – planned or not is another question. And the effects can be seen clearly. For instance:

  • London, the mayor is Indian and Muslim. He is not European and stated that Londoners should get accustomed to terror attacks. He clearly has no knowledge of Europe history and traditions. And even if he does, he would rather wipe his butt with those.
little note: “Refugees from South Africa of course are not welcome”

  • France: SJW professor says that Shariah law is the only way to go in order to avoid Civil war… And this is getting more obvious day by day, from example through street prayers :

  • Belgium: Shariah 4 Belgium fights for setting the Quran as the new law of Belgium. Take notice that there is no Belgian nationalist party whatsoever (only a Flemish one).

  • Holland: children are now taught Islam in many schools. Look how our children have to pray Allah under the supervision of an SJW/leftist woman.

  • UK: Court applying the Shariah Law. This means that in UK, the leglislative (Quran), executive (Mosques) and judiciary (shariah courts) are already in place. This is a state in a state.

The list goes on and those are not isolated cases. The changing of rulers is clear:

The West is at war

And the people denying it (the left) are going to be the first on the line… as Muslims will get rid of LGBT people or even feminists in some cases. The sooner Europeans realize it, the better. I will finish on some quotes from Sun Tzu:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Eastern Europe is no hope for Western Europe.

Eastern Europe is often seen as a new hope by both the AltRight, the AltLite and the cucks. The last stronghold for European traditions, conservatism and the white race (even though East Europeans are not identical to their Western counterparts). Yet, no-one seem to have any experience living in these countries, nor questioning the eastern rationale behind the apparent white fortress they present. So, let me reflect on it with many years of experience in Eastern countries and the possession of multiple of their languages.

Let’s start with their apparent nationalism. Don’t be fooled by it and don’t get confused, it is limited to “strict nationalism”, not “white identity”. In eastern and central Europe, there is no such things as “white identity”. It is a big mistake to think or even hope that eastern and central Europe will ever be of any hope for the West. The people inhabiting these countries simply do not live in the same reality as their Western counterparts. They do not care about the death of Western whites, not at all. They only think about how much money they can get out of the EU. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is what appears to be the rule.


So, firstly, besides being apparently completely opposed to any Islamic immigration, a street talk with most Poles will show you they have little understanding about what is happening in the West right now and that in the end, Muslims are good if they bring money. As example, I will refer to their huge trend of “kebabs”, even referring it to tourists as a kind of “new culture”.

Second point, as a Western European or American, you are welcomed as a consumer, not as a worker. They do not want any westerners to live long in their country even if they brag the opposite: that is just for the show. Their nationalism is limited to their own country, and they will always prefer to have Turks or Indians rather than Americans, Germans or French. Don’t expect any altruism on their part, and on the opposite be prepared to be screwed. The West can be at war tomorrow, and I can guarantee you that they will NEVER help you. They will look at you, and simply remind you of “how much Germans destroyed them in WW2”, and how “the rich westerners who feel superior can pay the price”. To some extent, you are more a wallet than a brother for them.

Third point, immigration still occurs for Indians, Blacks, Latinos, Turks and Arabs. These people are considered as gold, and their women DO JUMP on them. They use this immigration as virtue signaling and really do enjoy showing how great India or Latin America is. In fact, Indians are considered to be better than Whites in IT. Latinos must be imported for music, dance and human relations. Blacks must be imported because they are fun. The racism of Eastern Europe is a MYTH, clearly.

Fourth, contrary to most popular believes, Cultural Marxism is well implemented in these countries, with officially even MORE SINGLE MOMS than in the west. Almost every woman has done an Student Exchange Program, and have “tasted” their international sex tourism, just like any western woman. Feminism is also very much present with actually more women graduated than men, also believing to be smarter than their men. In addition, the modern eastern woman raised in the city not respect men more than her western counterpart. Of course, 10 years ago was different, but the trend is growing much faster than in the West, believe me.

Last, contrary to the common belief, the amount of Muslims in these countries increases exponentially. There, you can see the difference on a monthly basis (not counting the entire buses full of Spanish horny men in Krakow or Warsaw). Despite being at the forefront of Anti-Muslim immigration and the #RemoveKebabs; there are plenty of Arabs, Turks and Kebabs everywhere. Even in small towns of a few thousands, there is ALWAYS a bloody kebab. When you ask the so-called “tough eastern” Hungarian or Polish men they will just reply: “Yeah it is ok because they work” or “we will break their head”. Yet, factually, I put more Muslims in place in their own country than they do. Their argument sounds like the ones from the 60s generation we had in the West.

In conclusion, it is important to know that Central Europeans do not live in the same reality as Western Europeans. They don’t know how the West got to this point. They don’t understand the true meaning of the European Union neither and they don’t care. They certainly don’t know about the Kalergi Plan, the white genocide, South Africa etc. They don’t have any long term plan and they intend to repeat every mistakes Sweden, Germany and France did in the past, just because it looks cool on the TV. So, don’t expect the east to help the west.

If you want to know who can help the west, better look in the mirror.

The Africanization of the West

A subject that very few people want to dive into. Most often subjects like cultural Marxism, SJWs and postModernism are labels used to describe the decadence of modern society. But a more accurate and direct way to label it would be using “Africanization”.

The Africanization is the process by which the West becomes day-by-day more like Africa. Adopting its behaviors, “culture”, religion and “values”. Where cultural Marxism is the tool, the Africanization is the end-goal. Islamization is for sure an aspect that is quiet alarming but it is covered by the main figures of the Alt-Lite and even some main stream outlets. Africanization must be addressed as well

What defines Africans or African societies?

  • Promiscuity & hyper-sexualisation.
  • Emotionalism & temper.
  • Laziness.
  • Violence and cruelty.
  • Dirtiness, lack of hygiene.
  • Corruption.
  • Fatherless children.

Africans have a style of living that is more primitive and closer to the animal kingdom than to Western society . They have a specific body language, that many would qualify as close to monkeys – but that is apparently racist – and they mostly think about either money or sex. Moreover it seems it doesn’t matter where they were born, whether in the USA, Europe or Africa, their behavior have a lot of similarities no matter the home culture nor the environment. By importing these “3rd world migrants” – ” ( made up excuse) refugees” – “slaves”, Europe and the USA actually laid down the foundation for becoming Africa. Yet, no African culture ever emerged as autonomous, mannered, peaceful, free, altruistic and prosperous. Even Arabic countries always relied on slavery and raids for sustaining themselves.

For each of these dimensions, Western nation are now witnessing those changes. Lead mostly by Western women and by Trudeau senior Cucks alike.Some pictures will speak better themselves. Let’s start with Africa today:

This is rather shocking, but believe me, the reality can’t even be caught in a such a few pictures. Africans mostly think about sex, corruption and violence. The so called “law of the jungle” where only the strongest parasite survive. It is present everywhere in these societies, and it is not by mistake that nothing advanced has ever been developed there. In northern Africa, it is slightly different, but not much better. The difference between the traditional Europe and Muslim countries is bigger than between Muslim countries and Africa.

And now, let me present you Europe and USA today:

Our situation is extremely dire, and not to be underestimated. The West is currently losing. Slowly but surely our countries adopt the genetic behaviors from Africa. Europe and America are becoming Africa. For the most part it doesn’t suit white men and many  are just getting angry. Therefore, it is mostly white women who follow the propaganda and fall for it. But don’t be mistaken, no white woman can truly be happy among these degenerate humanoids. This lifestyle is not natural to them either, and that renders them crazy – literally mentally sick. But don’t be mistaken, you cannot rely on ANY women to fight any war. Women tend to generally surrender to the enemy. They are contaminated by a virus – just like a computer can run a malicious software, a brain can be programmed also – and there is no way they can recover in this society. They are useless in 99% of the cases, and you’d be surprise to discover that popular alt-lite women like Lauren Southern actually went black. Women feel no loyalty to their land nor culture. They is how God made them. We better get use to this fact.

Why is this process important? Because it brings the debate to a level that is much broader than just immigration, Christianity or “being an alpha male”. It is about the total extinction of what the West is or ever was. It is so important, because it is a process that also impacts self-proclaimed “red pills”, for instance making men believe that “having sex with as many women as he can” is a life goal.

I hope this post will make you think about what what is happening around you: bars, prostitution, modern music, holidays & travels, food, student exchange programs, divorce, single moms, HIV, herpes, hyper-sexualisation of women and children, etc.

Some believe that only Islam is the problem because this cult oppresses women, but it is only partially true. In fact, sexual restriction from a European “traditional” perspective, is good. The West fought and fights Islam because We, the people, have no more land to give. Because white men won’t be anything more than slaves in an Islamic society. We fight because Muslims will take our women, our wives, our daughters and erase our genes for good. We fight because all our traditions, our languages, our history will be erased. It is not “Islam” that we fight. We fight a problem that is much bigger. We fight for our survival. There is no peace, there will be no peace. There won’t be any middle-ground nor agreement. And we will all have to fight, physically, soon or later; even we do not promote or suggest any violence.

We fight the Africanization of the West. We fight our own Africanization, and it is most likely the biggest war that ever happened in History. Do not neglect it, and fight for what is yours with your brothers.



LinkedIn SJW, driving the migration #fakenews agenda

I am always surprised by the amount of propaganda on social networks. Now it is the turn of LinkedIn. From a social network for workers, it is now officially a garbage SJW propaganda place. Look for yourself… These news were proposed today – in a series! – in the newsfeed, without following any of these (get it, whether you want it or not). Yet some people still try to defend MSM and say that there is absolutely no plan for white genocide , and that everything is a coincidence. Well, weird coincidence, though.

Refugees, these treasures. Hard workers well educated, bringing culture to the savage Europeans who committed the Holocaust. Because of it, we shall remember and take these refugees until no white remains. And what about the crusades, or the inquisition? Make everything count!

Also, the west needs these great workers, because whites are fat ass, lazy, stupid, and ungrateful monkeys. The refugees – or migrants, choose for yourself – have gold hands, high education and high IQ (25% of them according to the European Commission). Yet, at the same time:

Refugees, definitely there to do the jobs white people – and lazy robots – won’t do.

The Alt-Light will be the new left


The left is currently dying. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are professionally dead, and SJWs movement are suffocating under their own stupidity. Besides, the new generation is the most conservative generation since World War 2. Any attempt to fight the right is just in vain. Is anyone in the USA watching CNN other than as an amusement TV show?

Hence it is safe to believe that within a few years the white left will be almost non existent. This void will be first filled by the AltLite, as they have a lot more in common with SJWs than the actual right.

The answers this post got were typical AltLite rhetoric: “you Nazi” (like the left would say). The AltLite – just like the left – has a few taboos. The difference with the left is the number of taboos. But there are a few subject in particular:

  • Race-mixing: it is ok to go mate outside your race, only “bad people” should be deported
  • White genocide: there is no genocide, just too much immigration
  • Women’s right: extreme feminism is bad but women have opinions are equal to men’s opinion in any case.
  • Immigration: The problem is Islam, other migrants are OK.
  • Islam: The problem is the rejection of gay marriage, the burka and fornication. The rest is OK.
  • Nazi still exist and are very dangerous (probably in the top 3 threat to world peace as of today)
  • This one is probably the hardest to swallow: The Romans are not responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.
  • Some people are hiding behind some religions shall not be mentioned.
  • Besides all those taboos, the Alt-Lite stands for freedom of speech. And believe Freedom of speech is something to be respected.

Often the AltLite also becomes emotional. Look for example at Stefan Molyneux suddenly crying for the revolution in Iran. That’s sad, because Stefan is a great guy and he does fantastic video… But that looked fake.

Or look at Paul Watson saying that Dominican Republic is OK. No Paul, it’s not OK. Tourists are regularly getting killed there. Dominicans are not welcoming. Dominicans hate white people. It is not safe once out of any hotel.

The altLite is also scared of the apparent omnipresent and dangerous Nazi… Even though do not make up 0.01% of the US population. Seriously…

They constantly go with the narrative of “opening dialogue” or having an “intellectual debate” but they rarely (if not ever) talk or invite anybody on their right… Probably because they are labelled “Nazi”.

So it is safe to say that in a near future, the Alt-Lite will be the new left. Today it is doing a great job, because swallowing the red pill in one go is too difficult for most people. The AltLite offers a semi safe haven where they reflect on some aspects of today’s issue such as Islam, immigration, feminism and SJWs. But that’s won’t be enough to save the future. Because a real solution will require tougher measures, which are not yet ready to be accepted.

To be fair, the AltLite is a controlled opposition. All their leaders seems to be of similar  origin  than those of the left, and the mainstream medias. It cannot be ignored. The Alt-Lite is just the other side of the same coin.


In any case, anyone with half a brain who gets exposed to even 1% of the truth (which what the Alt-Lite is) will be seeking more in the future, and the truth leads to the Alt-Right. Once there, there is no turning back.

Remember, all the Alt-Right is offering is the truth. Nothing more.