The more we talk, the more we understand each other

I thought that this picture reflects pretty well what is happening in the west.

The more we talk, the more we understand each other

Am I an extremist to say that conservative values and speech should be heard and considered without encountering violence?

What is wrong with what is being defended, honestly:

  • Family
  • European cultures
  • Christianity
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Homogeneous ethnic society, like Morocco, China or India
  • Free speech
  • Biological differences between men and women
  • Peace

Really, how can anyone get offended by someone who wants peace and such elementary concepts ?

Cheap flights you said?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy the pleasure of cheap holidays. For less than 400€, you can enjoy 10 days all-inclusive in Turkey from many places in Europe. You can travel to Poland for 15€… Have you ever wondered if all of that make sense?


I made this picture to demonstrate the real price of a flight. Traveling is nice, yes I agree. But it is also why most couples break-up, it is also why race mixing is higher than ever and it is also why social dumping is possible. Some bad effects of cheap travels?

The real cost of a flight should be around 150€ for 1000 km per passenger. These are official numbers counting end-to-end service – not just the fuel. But even, just counting the fuel between France and Poland should make the flight up to “1200 km x 4L/100 x 0.5€ = 22€” + 20€ of airport costs, so 42€ MINIMUM with free workers, free leasing, no profits and no maintenance. How come you can get it for 10€ around?!


Well, cheap travels support cheap morality and race mixing. When you go on holidays, your mind tends to relax and just takes it easy on morality. Should you have a boyfriend, that Spaniard is giving you a good time… why not just doing him for one night at least? I remember that story of a Polish women who told me that she left for London and broke up with her boyfriend for an Italian… who dumped her right after. Actually, I heard this story so often that it eventually became a real pattern. Have you met one girl who never had sex in her life on holidays? In Erasmus?

So, what do we support here in Patriargate? We support the real price for everything. Prices are set to balance a market, a free market, free competition that is based on actual value and cost of resources. And today, I believe that we show you that governments are taking people’s tax money to sponsor sex trips, break families, foster race mixing much more. It is sick, amoral.

Traveling is good when it is paid by yourself for a real price and when you do it to achieve a goal. If you travel using a cheap flight to have sex with some girls, you actually destroy society. You do not build or contribute to it. And the same is for women. Any action that we do have consequences on others, but also on us. For example, any relational (love) trauma that we create with short term relationship on holidays changes slightly the way our genes are activated (epigenetic process), and it can be transmitted to our children. Really, this is not a game.

Life is not game. Civilization is not a game. Build yourself, do something and be aligned with your identity. Only then traveling will be meaningful.

Islam and peace?

After 622, the Islamic culture takes a politic and military role in the Arabian peninsula. Battle after battle, it takes through violence Syria (635), Egypt and Armenia (639), north Africa (642), and finally Constantinople (717). Nonetheless, first Muslim battles in Europe appeared in 714, in France. They took Narbonne and kept it for 40 years. In 717, they made a siege of Toulouse. After multiples battles, it is Charles Martel who managed to repeal the Muslims who fled to the actual Spain. Yet Muslims continued punctual attacks for 300 years. Between 1178 and 1197 (19 years!), they destroyed Toulon, killing or taking away the entire population.

In parallel crusades took place in order to take back the lands seized by Muslims. Crusades were a defense against the invader and its goal was to move the battle around Jerusalem, which would therefore keep in peace Europeans.  It is interesting to note that crusaders paid for themselves and were totally free to choose whether to fight or not. The first tax (decime – 10%) was then implemented to support the war effort. For the most interested, conscription, or obligatory mobilization, was actually implemented after french revolution (law Jourdan-Delbrel in 1798).

At that time, Spain and Italy were conquered by Muslims until the years 1200 and 1300.  In 1830, France decided to repeal all Muslims and launched the conquest of Algeria, which eventually became a colony.

A summary of all battles can be found in this video from Bill Warner, his comments are self explanatory:

So, is Islam about peace?