What you need to know about nazis

Nazis are all over the news today, they are everywhere except in pictures and in actual real life. I have attended a few Alt-Right meeting, I talked to hundreds of people in my life (enough to know their political position) and I have never met one in person who describe himself as a nazi or heard of anyone who actually met a nazi. Yet a mainstream news paper like the Independent is telling that 9% of Americans are actually Nazis. And yet, open up their source and it is quiet obvious that their claims are complete rubbish. The fact they have to actually lie about it shows that Nazis are just like the new iphone: Pushing for an artificial problem and then offering scapegoat.


Indeed, just like the next generation iPhone, the demand in the news for Nazis did not exist. It had to be fabricated. There is a need for a bogey man, people to reject the fault on. The media need to give credibility to the Nazi label in order to be able to use it. And it works, both the AltLite and the Left are constantly bashing an almost non-existent ideology. This is why they did it.

And instead for looking for actual nazis, they labelled anyone who disagree with their globalist-Marxist agenda Nazi. An agenda that has caused a lot more damage and far more lives even by official WW II numbers. Their polls are completely bias and ask very subjective questions. They could instead ask question about the true Nazi ideology or even ask people if they describe themselves as Nazis. National-Socialism is a very specific ideology. It is not taught is schools nor universities. So someone will not become national socialist by mistake, that person knows what he is doing, no matter how strong you disagree with him. Therefore the polls questions can be straight forward.

The conclusion is that National Socialism is just as relevant as the people calling back the rise of a New Napoleon. If you are an intellectual have at least half a brain, you don’t waste your time on a dead ideology.

In the God Emperor we trust

Contrary to what some voice of the Alt-Right might suggest, President Trump is doing a pretty good job. In his latest speech in Phoenix, AZ, he reassured the American patriots that he is working on their side and actively supporting them. And in the recent events since the Charlottesville rally the God-Emperor choose the fulfill his role of president of the United States by taking measured decisions and defending the right fullness and morality before all.

As a sympathiser of the Alt-Right I don’t consider myself defended by “moderates”, nor feel like that President Trump is defending it. But I am appeased to see people defending basics rights and common sense. And in his first speech, the President did exactly that. He conflicted with the ideology of the left, and that is not a small thing. When he was asked to comment on Charlottevilles, he walked out, and asked for facts. Dear liberals, yes, this is what a man does, president or not: he puts facts before feeling, and before his interest.

The liberals just jumped up and down and started whining like children. They know what is happening but they are too stupid to see it. They are too indoctrinated to see facts and to react as adults. Hence, they intent shutting down any voice opposing theirs. Their agenda is their Quran, and the media their imams. Either you accept all of it, either you are persecuted. Infidels are not welcome to the liberal pit.

The second speech of the God emperor about Charlottevilles was a perfect continuation of the first one. He pointed out rightfully the misbehaviors of the alt-right and accused the left for what they are: bullies, thugs, cowards… the “alt-left”. The Alt-Left is a label that has been around for a while and President Trump mainstreamed it in the most clever way. That was pure genius!

Now onwards the mainstream media that have been providing fake news to cover the liberal debility will find harder to cover up their madness. The altleft is now a label that we can use to insult them. We don’t need to scream our sympathy for the alt-right, but we can label them at the same level, using their own game. Genius! We believe in ideas, they believe in labels. In any case, if one thing is sure, it is that they will keep pushing their message anyhow and despite any inconsistencies.

Second law of SJWs: SJWs always double down.

Vox Day

Yet, President Trump is right. There are abuse on all sides. Thugs shouldn’t be used as ambassadors of a movement. That’s not serious. The problem is not violence, the problem is aggression. And by pointing this out the Right keeps on pushing the left in the corner. This is how people join our ranks, this is how real changes are made.

Thanks Donald. Please make America so great that all whites can finally unite for a better world of theirs, in the respect of all.

Trump bombs Syria: A smart move or a stab in the back?

A couple of days ago, a chemical tragedy was reported in Syria. According to mainstream media, the gas has been released by Assad, who is eager to kill his own population (according to the media) – innocent civilians (This doesn’t make any sense in the first place but let’s put this aside). This time, we will all agree, it is easy to be against Arabs. But we won’t. And for different reasons.

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Indeed, the gas used was “Sarin“, and it has a very specific property: it penetrates your skin (Therefore full body protection is needed). So, really we don’t know the truth there. And guess who’s fallen for it officially? Trump.


Trump didn’t find any better idea (sarcastically or not) to respond by bombing the presumed airbase responsible for the chemical attack, without waiting for real experts analysis and intelligence. It is a shame. Worse, knowing that a military intervention requires planning, it becomes clear that this was all staged. Recently, he was tweeting “whoever we defend we will be the bad ones. Syria is not our war. We shall not stay and lose more lives there.”. Yet, he bombed Syria anyway…

Putin has condemned this as an aggression, while Israel (Ironically), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, France cheered and all newspaper finally backed the president of the United States.

Drawing any conclusion at this stage would be premature because the informations given are clearly not sufficient enough. Here is what we know:

  • It was staged. Probably by the same people who told us about WMD in Iraq.
  • Syrian Air-force base was bombed by the US Armed Forces.
  • Trump tweeted a few days ago he is OK with Assad as the ruler of Syria.
  • Trump has not responded nor tweeted since the bombing.

So up until now we can only assume a few outcomes. But not any conclusion.

  • First scenario, Trump drew a line in the sand. He is showing us more clearly who are the cucks and the puppets of the hawkish neocons, and who these people truly are. This could help him denounce all the fake news Russian conspiracy theorists. He could therefore use all of this to pull back from Syria (Like Reagan did in Lebanon) and kick a few parasites from the US legal system at the same time. This is the least likely scenario but the most ideal one.
  • The other scenario was that Trump stabbed the AltRight in the back. That he actually support wasting tax-money overseas, that he support massive migration from Brown countries into White Land.

This last scenario is far more likely as this would align with his poor performance on repealing Obamacare, building the Wall, draining the swamp and slashing Government spending. But I hope that I am wrong on this one.

In any case, Trump needs to understand that even though he used leftist tactics to get elected (and got respected for it) the AltRight is very different from the left. We don’t blindly back a politician like a God. If he doesn’t solve immigration (bombing Syria is directly linked to it) then we can bet he will be crippled by the 2018 elections and he can forget 2020.

But at this point, only faith can really save us.

Identity and self confidence

Self confidence… I was last week at a seminar. There was this woman who was training people on how to look “self confident”. She made her speech and asked the public: “what are the characteristics of self confidence?”.

Bubbling in my mind were figures like Trump, Putin, etc. But it was well different for others. Self confidence appeared to be a sound combination of body language, voice, gesture and posture.
While she was trying to fake her confidence in her own baffled words, I could not help but noticing that no one understands were confidence comes from.

It is true that we can cure our symptoms. Controlling our voice, our gesture, etc. But it doesn’t make it real or strong. That is because self confidence is actually Identity.

What is identity? Identity is the perfect alignment between your feeling, your history, your future, your present. It is who you are deep inside you. It is your connection to your siblings, to your heart, your values, your believes and the world. It is the only truth that you can get ever get in your life: finding your identity.

When you find it, you become a rock. Your fear disappears.You talk with your heart. When what you do, when what you say is aligned with who you are, with what you believe, then nothing can ever make you doubt. And all of a sudden, your body, your voice know what to do.

Darling, no need to fake anything. Self confidence is IDENTITY.

Trump and the jews

Since Donald has been elected, media can’t stop attempting to associate him to Nazi movements. It seems leftists still couldn’t digest America’s democratic choice, but is that surprising?


While in America and Europe, the HuffPost, the NYTimes, and other leftists media publish all kind of crap they can to undermine Trump, Israël itself does the opposite! It might seem that incitation to hatred is more of a leftist behavior in the end. No later than yesteday, the TimesofIsrael published an article named “Trump’s Jewish son-in-law says president-elect won’t tolerate hate“, in which they defend the tight bonds between Trump and the Jew community. Donald also made a pro-Israël speech to the jewish community.

On one side George Soros, who is jewish, fights against Trump through his organisations and fundings. On the other side jewish newspaper show support to him.  Let’s not forget that Donald’s family is partly jewish, after all. To some extend, we might even call him the first “jewish president“.

In Europe, at the same time, the German jewish community JewGida starts getting worried about the Muslim immigration, and requests officials to take actions to limit it. As said in the letter written by JewGida:

Today it is urgent for the European nations to remove the treacherous leftist politicians, fight back against the leftist socialist ideology, close the borders, support patriotism, reclaim the media, promote the criticism of Islam and engage in Counterjihad. The Muslim plague may become even more lethal, if Europe doesn’t wake up and engage in Counterjihad.


Dear leftists friends, is that also Nazi if a jew doesn’t want Muslim immigration, and likes Donald Trump?

At some point, the propaganda against Trump has to stop. That’s getting really tiring, insulting and counter productive.

God bless you.


Towards an awakened France

After USA it is the turn to France to select the destiny of the western world in two turns: one on the 23th april, and the other one on the 7th may 2017.marine fillon.png

If France does not stand today and elect a decent president, we can expect the worse for the next 8 years, and more to come. But it seems we are not in USA, we don’t have a Trump… is there a single valid candidate, or just one better than another?

These elections oppose the UMP (leftists who believe not to be – the new liberal republicans), the PS (leftists and proud to be), and the Front National who represents the French national interests with a communist touch to certain extend. In a nutshell, France has no real right or conservative wing – normal for a country who authored the European Charter of rights stating all leftists values.

Today, one can have no doubts about the influence of American elections on the selection of the French candidates, with the sudden withdrawal of Nicolas Sarkozy  and the apparition of François Fillon . This candidate, politically correct, has some sort of right-wing programme, without the will, curriculum and balls to really do anything right… that is a big problem.

Even though Marine Lepen has been telling the same truth for years now, she is victim of a constant propaganda against her and her party – democracy you said! After Trump, taking the risk of getting Marine elected is too big. If she becomes president, this is end of the little game going on in the west, once for all. And for this, there is no chance! And for this, they use the usual labels “racist”, “sexist”, etc.

Image result for tous contre marine

The problem with François Fillon’s programme is that it is nothing but a pseudo list of minimal populist requirements to get elected. He seeks in getting all FN and most of PS electorates. After reading both Marine Lepen and François Fillon programmes, I wouldn’t say that Marine’s programme is better, but I have more confience in her to make things move forward. And here is why. Marine, in addition to François Fillon’s measures, wants to implement:

  • Restoration of death penalty
  • Restoration of public debt sovereignity through the financing from Bank of France
  • Substential increase of defense budget and staff, increase respect for veterans
  • Instauration of French made principle, produce locally
  • End of positive discrimination law
  • End of corruption in public and health care sector
  • Limit president mandate to one and 7 years
  • Setup a popular referendum in the constitution
  • Restore media independence

These measures would make a significant change in France for sure, and set it in the right direction. But this is not perfect, of course. Immigration policy could be softer and stronger at the same time, only selecting highly qualified and restricting access to some nationality. Social cares could be cut, hence targetting the ones taking advantage of it. She could target more lobbys and corruption like Trump does. And finally, she could promote more tax cut, and increased national defense budget. Marine is definitely not a right wing extremist, but rather a centrist, don’t you think so?

If Fillon wins, things will get worse. If Marine wins, things will change, and up to us to continue. So, ready for the change?

The truth behind the post trump riots

Last week has seen both the uprising of democracy and kinder-garden fascism. Trump demonstrated that with less money, but alpha male qualities and moral values, you stand a chance against tyranny.Afficher l'image d'origine

And tyranny, these leftists kids know a lot about that! They couldn’t stop themselves from starting riots in the streets… to protest against and for democracy at the same time. Funny right? Or consterning, my feelings are mixed. In a way, these useful idiots are the kind of funny cute, the kind you wanna slap just to hear them crying, then give them some sugar (they are mostly vegan, but they love sugar, like my dog).

The most surprising is to discover unsurprisingly the endorsement and sponsoring of George Soros, the same pig face who financed Hitlary. It seems that he was not happy with the results, and neither Hilary. The school class is in big trouble, the big smart guy won, and the Gamma’s are pissed off.

George Soros is a bad man. After being involved in Balkans war, Ukrainian revolution, and many others, he is now sponsoring the riots through funding http://front.moveon.org/.

As you see on the front page, this movement calls for a revolution in America to despot Trump, and update the law. Their saying: “constitution should be updated to elect through the popular vote”.

Well I don’t think these scumbags would fight the same if Hitlary was elected. Hypocrisy, lies, and hate. Funny that they promote hate fighting and democracy… through hate and violence.

Dear leftist, be ready, the war is only starting, and you will lose.

Truth shall win

Donald Trump won. Despite all the media, all the lies, all the politically correctness against him, the banksters… the criminals, the corrupted… he won.
Today is a day for victory. A day that our children will learn at school as probably the new revolution of American, European and Christian civilisation.

Today, democracy and moral values won. American white men (mostly and thanks to the others) made the best choice they could for their future. They actually ensured to have one.

Thanks for your courage, for your voice. Thanks to you, there will be a change. Voices are already rising in Europe. People once oppressed shall retrieve their freedom and once again fight for their own kind. Once again we can rebuild.

The battle for the new Europe has just begun. And now, we have USA and Russia on our side. Truth, freedom, work, culture and families shall be restored as our values.

Let’s thank god for this moment, there wont be any better day before long.

Obama, shame on you


The cunt and her friend have deployed all their weapons against Donald Trump. They spent more than a billion dollar, had all the media with them, including the ones in Europe. They used all the labels they could find, all the Hollywood stars they could rally, all the lies they could create. That means that Donald definitely stands a chance, and they fear for their asses like never before. I believe that Donald pushed them to mobilize more resources against him than any other man in the entire humankind history! Per se, that’s an achievement.

And lately it is Obama who joined the forces. This corrupted, vicious cunt who did nothing good for his country, and even less for the world, has nothing for him but being black. And that’s why he’s been elected, let’s state it – that’s not a secret. In 2008, he hated her and called her a liar himself, and blamed her for corruption. Now he obviously protects liars. That hypocrite cunt dares going to states making speech to ask voters to vote for her.

Obama also called all illegals to go vote for Hilary Clinton, stating in an interview that it is impossible to find out if they were legal or not. Now he is even promoting illegality and gives advises how to rig the elections. I believe he should even be in jail for this! Recently, dead people starting to vote. Obama and Hilary are trying to mobilize all blacks and latino’s against Trump, and dare to say that “Trump” polarizes the country.

These people made a hole of shit deeper than a volcano. No matter when you dig, you find corruption, outrage, amorality, etc.

These elections decide if our civilization stands or falls, if we live or die. If she gets in, we’re gonna have a massive economic crisis. She will blame the Russians for whatever reasons they’ll find, and try all false flags to start a war… in Europe and/or in Middle East. People will die, Americans, Europeans, Russians. And the West will lose, it is obvious to imagine that between promotion of gay marriage and a real solid well trained army, there is a difference.

Remember this Americans, today you decide if you want a moral society, or a corrupted amoral society. Today you decide if we all live or die. Today you decide if your children have a future or not.

Get out and vote Trump!

Donald Trump is the winner

This is the last sprint for the american election. Only a couple of days remain before getting the name of the next United States president.

At the moment, Hitlary Clinton is leading in the polls. Even if no-one can ensure polls are not rigged, she has some chances of winning. But who’s voting for thecunt? Well, according to surveys 20% of non-white vote for Donald. Therefore we can deduce that Hitlary supporters are the 80% of non-white, and 20% of white men and women. Take your conclusions.

But is defeat possible? Well, no. Donald Trump already won. He already won the ideological, logical and societal battle. Throughout his campaign, Donald showed and demonstrated us many things. Donald showed how to be a white man, how to respect himself, how to lead, how to talk. Donald has shown us that it is possible, whatever the world is today, whatever the amount of propaganda and cunts out there; it is possible to succeed and educate.  60 years of propaganda for white guilt were questioned and removed by one man, in a couple of months only.

Donald made the alt-right move possible, and this ideological wave is starting around all Afficher l'image d'originewestern countries. He showed that we can stand for our pride, for our culture, for our values. He showed us that media are foolish tools that you can use at their own costs. He demonstrated us that arguing with leftist people is a waste of time. Rather take them where they belong: the pit.

Well done Donald. Now please become the next president of USA, and allow western countries to rise and stand for themselves as before. We suffered enough. We shut our mouth long enough. We gave enough. Now, let’s be great again.

Thanks Donald.