The Africanization of Europe: why SJWs will fail

In our last posts, we talked about the africanization of the west, and also how immigration leads to war. In this post, we want to go further and support our opinion with facts from mother nature. This post bases itself on the great work done by Howard Bloom, “The principle of Lucifer”. I know that few of you do not like negative facts, but we ought to go through them. I know that some of you know this, but it ought to be repeated. Every one shall know the truth, for it is our only savior. A sad truth is always better than a sweet lie. This post might be shocking for you – just warning.

Whatever we talk about evolution or creationism (god/religion), we reach the same conclusion that mother nature is not as loving, peaceful and beautiful as we think. Violence is everywhere and permanent. Violence is part of nature as a mechanism to destroy and build. One of those forces that push women to do shit and piss enough men to create war. One of those forces that makes war unavoidable when two communities are on the same territory. Don’t believe me?

  • In the 18th century, Jean-Jacques Rousseau – the SJW precursor – wrote about the “civilized savage”, stating that savages are better people because they aren’t corrupted by cilivisation. That was just before seeing these “good savages” going to other tribes, killing all men, smashing children’s head on stones and taking the women as new wife. Not that pretty for a savage isn’t it?
  • Chimpanzees were fed in the forest. After sometime, they stopped feeding them, and the group split naturally into two groups. Later, when resources were more and more rare, one group went to the other group to start a war. They killed all the males, smashed children’s heads on stones and took the women. Not that pretty for these peaceful animals, isn’t it?
  • Female gorilla sometimes go to other tribe to irritate them, or to invite some males to her tribe, even though she is with the alpha male. By doing so, she is looking for war between the clans. Gorillas then answer with war. If they lose, they are all killed, their children smashed on stones, and their women go with the other males.
  • After Troyes invasion, all men were killed, children thrown by the murals and 9 months later, children from the invaders were born. The Troyans women did not kill their newborn, nor save their previous descendance. They raised them and love their new male.
  • When the Muslims took Spain, they killed all the men (or enslaved and castrated), smashed all the babies (or enslaved), and made babies to all the women. Don’t believe me? Look at Spaniards and tell me there is not one drop of Moroccan blood in it. Yet, do women refuse to make children with them? No. Not that pretty from our patriotic european christian women, isn’t it?

So what is my point in all of that?

The liberation of our women has enabled them to execute the natural programme they are designed for: challenging western males through inviting millions of other males, and behaving like bitches with their own males. This sort of programme is of course known since Darwin (actually even his grand father worked on it), and it was perfectly predictable from a scientific perspective. So what’s the end goal?

The immigration of these hordes of new baboons to Europe will INEXORABLY lead to war, and only one will remain. Diversity is a lie created for war, and using useful idiots – aka the SJWs and the feminists. The Africanization of Europe is not a peaceful movement. Of course, today, we still have money and the power is in the hands of whites. But look at South Africa and Zimbabwe, and tell me again that the Africanization of a western culture is non violent process in which people can live together peacefully.

The truth is: whether you like or not, everyone in the world will have to make a stand. Either you are for European natives (in Europe, in the USA or elsewhere), either against. Either you believe their nations belong to them and only to them, either you are against them. Either you believe Chinese and Muslims have no rights to enslave Africa or you support them. Mother nature has not given any other alternative than violence to resolve conflicts, and our women are programmed to push for it until only one remains. Sad truth, but still truth. And today, let me remind you that crazy feminists, SJWs and Muslims can and own the votes. They vote for more migrants and more persecution of men (especially whites, even we can’t deny that black community has been largely affected).

Until then, take care of you. Do sport, secure your assets, get a wife and make children. And the most important, be happy and do what is right. In the end, the evil will not succeed, because that is also against the laws of mother nature.

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