The link between SJWs and pedophelia

In the recent news of craziness, it has been revealed that up to 1000 children have been sexually abused in the UK. Just imagine that there are a lot more victims on the old continent. As seen on the picture below, the perpetrators don’t seem to be descendants of the people who wrote the Magna Carta. And the people who brought these people are the same ones who support the Hollywood pedophiles industrial complex: THE LEFT.


This has been treated a long time ago on this blog and got some blamed us for it. We have been called crazy. That it can’t be true. But let me tell you this: humans are more predicable that we think, especially in group of mentally sick people. The more time passes on, the more I am proven right. There is a link between SJWs and pedophilia.

As treated recently, SJWs clearly have some mental problems. It can be seen physically seen on their faces, it becomes obvious in their behavior. So it is no surprise they come with degenerate ideas. They don’t come out clearly calling for legalizing pedophilia. But trust me, it is just one more step down the road to Social Justice. Everyone should be equal in all fields, especially sex.

For instance, have you heard about the chart of “universal sexual rights” initiated by nothing less than the United Nations, through the IPPF. In fact, they want to educate your children from the age of 5 to their “right for sexuality”. In the resolution foreseen, parents must encourage their children to “use their sexual rights” as soon as possible, and can be punished if they try to prevent their child from being sexually active. Marion Sigaut, a French right wing activist and historian said “since they can’t legalize pedophilia from adults to children, they do it from the children to the adults. After all, after Freud and Kinsey – the biggest frauds of psychology – we all know that everything is about sex and that children also want to enjoy sex”. To this extent, the feminist Jenni Murray proposes to provide porn classes to children. Well, not for my children.

Yes, this is where the LGBT SJW leftists – whatever – are up to, and this is sick.

Watch out for your kids. These people are not just crazy, they are dangerous.

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