The real “crime” of #CountDankula

I was waiting to have more information about the case of the famous Youtuber Count Dankula. Dankula was imprisoned in jail for making a joke with his girlfriend’s pog. In case you did not follow the story. BPS makes a summary of the situation:

There are four points worth noting in this video. And most of them are either forgotten or ignored by most channels on Youtube and other Big social medias.

First, the real crime of Count Dankula is being a “White male”. If Dankula would have been Indian, Latino, Black, Arabs… or simply a woman (or LGBT)… he would not have been in the trouble is in right now. So his crime is not the pog, nor the joke, nor the context… He is just a white male.


Second, this event highlights the number one conspiracy. There is only ONE COMMUNITY that should not be targeted, whether through humour or critical thinking. Only one community has the right to censor anyone, or throw anyone to jail. Remember, the word “globalism” is anti-semitic.

Muhammad, however, the prophet of Islam, can be made fun of publicly. Disrespecting Islam is tolerated on both sides of the Atlantic… But just make sure you are not a white male before doing so or you might go to jail as well (and get you killed).

Making fun of Christianity is of course encouraged. It is the only one community only that shall always be targeted. Muslims rape on a daily basis and practice pedophilia in a institutionalized way. Many rabbis suck the blood of a penis child after the barmitzvah and encourage the genocide of Christians. But it doesn’t matter because people will almost exclusively talk about Christian pedophiles.

Third, but still very important point, the judge said “Context and Intent do not matter”. In other words, the magna carta is DEAD. Context and Intent are considered in cases of injuries or murder. But in this case, it should be essential. The judge basically said he can imprison anybody as he sees fit. There is no appeal, there is no way to contest. This is a stage in justice that has no precedent in the entire history of Western Europe, in exception with the Nuremberg trial where international laws had to be modified to condemn people without proof (all Germans were guilty, no matter what).

And last but not least, is the silence or the very little talk of main Alt Lite figures. Lauren Southern and Pettibonne were denied from the United Kingdom – which is outrageous, don’t get me wrong – are making the buzz and headlines everywhere. Seriously. Where are all the “free speech” warriors now? Where is Sargon of Akkad? Where is Mike Cernovich? Where is Laura Loomer? Are they truly grassed root? Or is the Alt-Lite the new controlled opposition?

So let’s show compassion with Dankula, he deserves it.

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