The truth about Swedish election

The Swedish election happened on Sunday September 9th and the right wing parties Sweden Democrats and the Alternative for Sweden parties (both Alt Lite or civic nationalist) have under performed. Many black pilled allies might moan about how this is a defeat compared to the 25% expected. But they did gain ground compared to 2014. And considering the change in demographics, this score is actually not too bad.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania sweden elections

First, it must be remembered that a ruling right wing party cannot do much once in power. Most corporations and multi Nationals are converged and are ready to sacrifice profits in order to destroy a country. And immigrants will not decide to either start working or peacefully go back where they came from. They are invaders and they are ready to be violent. Therefore any attempt to “avoid the civil war” (put correctly: delay the civil war) will results in left wing politics.

Second, those so called “right wing parties” (in Sweden and elsewhere) and most of their followers don’t seem to grasp the importance of Christianity. They don’t understand this is one of the fundamental ingredient to the success of their civilization. For example: Sweden was NOTHING before becoming Christian. And there will not be a complete consistency in the arguments put forward by right-wing politicians, as long as they don’t embrace their Christian heritage and moral values. Only after such a commitment will the light shine on the lies perpetrated by the left and haters of Jesus Christ.

And last but not least: The Swedish people just brought the day of reckoning slightly closer to us. While the civic nationalist, the Alt-lite and the Anti-Christian Alt-Right don’t really bring solutions or are just looking to buy time before the inevitable. What the left actually does is sinking the ship even faster. They will open the gates of Sweden broader, bringing instability and chaos much faster.

If you are an Alt-Right Christian in Sweden. I wish all the best, and I pray for you. The times ahead are going to be rough. But Jesus warned us about it (Matthew 24) and do not be afraid. Love God, love your country and love your family. For only the good people will see the end of this conflict.

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